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MAP 600 Acoustic Telemetry Systems for Animal Tracking & Position Measurement

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MAP 600 acoustic receiverLotek's MAP 600 telemetry systems combine advanced spread spectrum signal processing methods with CDMA coding similar to that found in cellular communications systems. The result is a scalable architecture telemetry system integrating a versatile suite of hardware configurations around a single coding scheme for diverse applications.

Features of the MAP 600 acoustic receiver series include real-time direction finding, simultaneous decoding of multiple acoustic transmitters, superior range and reliable detection in high-noise environments. Please see "Features" tab for more information.

  • CDMA processing provides for superior range and tracking in high noise environments including a robust means of gathering animal-specific sensor data.
  • Accurate (sub-meter) measurement of 2D and 3D positions.
  • Ability to simultaneously track hundreds of acoustic transmitters with high broadcast rates.
  • High system capacity supports monitoring thousands of acoustic transmitters on the same frequency.
  • Mobile Real-Time (RT) tracking version uses stereo hydrophones to provide instantaneous direction of arrival.
  • Removable solid state memory supports reliable yet convenient data collection and storage.
  • BioMAP data management software supports graphing and animation in a GIS environment.
  • Experienced field application specialists to support installation and training.


Feature Description Notes
No. of Hydrophone Ports Up to 8 hydrophones per receiver (in pairs). Typically 6 or more are recommended for 3D positioning. Future expansion will support multi-receiver networking
Tag ID Capacity Tens of thousand on a single frequency band  
Operating Frequency Bands 76 KHz or 200 KHz Nominal
Communication Interface Dual port RS232 (includes serial port to modem for remote access) Used by PC Host Control
User Interface – Multi-Port PC based Host software provides control of the receiver, status monitoring and real-time viewing of detection events.
Real-time VCP supports logging data directly to the PC
Host disk drive
User Interface – 2 Port RT Same as Multi-Port plus Real-time Virtual Control Panel (VCP) with Direction
of Arrival Display
Hydrophone Cable length Maximum 600 meter / hydrophone Connected directly to the receiver
Hydrophone Types Supported 76KHz & 200KHz active Both Omnidirectional & Directional
Sensor Support Temperature and Depth Sensing transmitters with ID.  
Memory (data storage) Field exchangeable - up to 512Mbytes capacity. Industrial Type I solid state flash cards
Power Requirements
  • 16W @ 12VDC as 2-port Multi-port receiver
  • 27W @ 12VDC as 8-port Multi-port receiver
  • 9W @ 12VDC as 2-Port RT Mobile Receiver
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C  
Enclosure Dimensions 26.9cm x 25.4cm x 14cm  Overall Dimensions
 Enclosure Weight
  • 3.3kg with 2-ports
  • 4.5kg with 8-ports

The MAP Series hardware architecture is an upgradeable modular format which provides flexibility in configuring the system to meet specific applications and budget constraints. The MAP 600 acoustic receiver stores data on a detachable high capacity flash memory card. Data downloading is performed by removing the flash memory card or by downloading the contents of the memory card through a standard PC (RS232) serial port.

BIOMAP software for MAP 600 systemsMAP 600 RT-A Acoustic Receiver
The RT-A version of the MAP 600 acoustic receiver provides reliable, mobile fish tracking capabilities. The system can be configured as a single port hydrophone for passage tracking or with dual ports for location direction finding from a moving platform. The PC based Windows® host control software provides for the display and storage of real time acoustic tag detections with sensor data, (e.g. temperature and/or depth), while providing instantaneous indication of the fish’s direction in relation to the hydrophone array.

MAP 600 Multi-Port Acoustic Receiver
The MAP 600 is a multi-port system of tethered acoustic hydrophones for wide area passage and multi-dimensional fish position determination. Ideal for studies on dams, reservoirs, shallow water / ocean or fish habitat areas where fixed site support structures are available.

BioMAP data management software provides for tabulation, sorting, and powerful data query functions. A BioMAP “View” program supports data graphing and animation in a GIS environment. Output files are GIS compatible.

Dual port acoustic receiver deployment Multiport acoustic receiver deployment

   Dual port receiver deployment

   Multiport receiver deployment