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Not sure which Lotek monitoring technology is best for your study? We'd be pleased to help you choose the best system for the type of data that you wish to collect. Just fill out the Project Profile form below and we'll contact you with our recommendations.

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While not intended as a comprehensive study profile, this preliminary evaluation sheet will help to identify application-specific factors that can assist us in recommending the best telemetry system for your study.

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Radio signals transmit best through air and fresh water.  Lotek offers radio transmitters and receivers suitable for monitoring fish, wildlife and birds.


Acoustic signals transmit best through deep and salt water, making them ideal for a variety of marine applications.


Lotek’s satellite wildlife collars include GPS, Argos and Iridium solutions.  These collars are for animals of varying sizes.


Archival tags collect and store information on depth, temperature and light (geolocation).  They are most often used on marine fish and mammals, as well as birds.


Dual mode
Dual mode systems combine different monitoring technologies for use in multiple habitats, or to record multiple types of data, or to enable tracking via multiple receiving platforms.