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LHP Hydrophone System

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The LHP_1 (formerly the HPA_0_2) is designed for operation within a bandwidth of 20-80 kHz . It can be used for both datalogging and manual tracking applications. It incorporates an amplifier that generates a differential signal drive, enabling cable runs of up to 1000 meters.

Some of the key features of the LHP Hydrophone System:
  • Works in association with a receiver to detect transmitter signals
  • Capacity for manual tracking and datalogging
  • Can be configured for either omni-directional or directional operation
Model Depth Rating Acoustic Frequencies Sensitivity
dB re 1V/ µPa
LHP_1 40 m 65.5 / 76.8 kHz
LHP_2 40 m 200 kHz -171
LHP-3DF 900 m 200 kHz -186
Examples of applications for which the LHP hydrophones are ideally suited include:
  • tracking of marine fish and wildlife
  • tracking of juvenile marine fish in high noise environments such as at a dam face or an ocean reef
  • aquatic applications characterized by water with high conductivity, or deep water
  • manual tracking or datalogging applications where the hydrophone is not required to be a considerable distance away from the receiver