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GPS 3300 : Features and Benefits

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Light-weight / compact design (as little as 200 grams)

  • Allows you to use the collar on smaller species.

VHF Tracking Beacon

  • Allows you to locate collar for retrieval using conventional tracking techniques.
  • Allows you to monitor the performance of the collar because when a GPS fix is taken, the radio beacon will shut off. You can easily tell whether the collar is following the schedule properly, etc., merely by listening to the beacon.
  • It informs you when either a) the battery is depleted, or b) the animal has died, by emitting a double pulse (recovery/mortality mode).

User-replaceable battery pack

  • Does not need to come back to Lotek for refurbishment.
  • Saves money on shipping, handling, and refurbishment costs.
  • Allows you to continue studying the same animal without having to purchase twice as many collars.
  • Eliminates down time and therefore gaps in study.

Temperature Sensor

  • Allows you to determine animal behavior as a function of ambient temperature.
  • Can cross-reference with location and activity data.

Mortality/Recovery Sensor, with user programmable delay

  • Allows you to be alerted when the animal has died, or GPS battery has died.
  • Allows you to be alerted when the collar has not moved in specified period of time - can mean dead, or slipped.
  • Can retrieve collar and its data from animal quickly after death of animal or GPS battery.
  • User programmability allows you to match your mortality delay to meet study needs.
  • Protects your investment.

User-programmable GPS Scheduler

  • Allows you to optimize battery energy.
  • Allows you to take fixes only when you want to.
  • Can prolong study (if desired)
  • Can get more frequent data, shorter study.
  • Allows you to have different schedule on an hourly, and day to day basis to meet varying needs.
  • Can customize GPS fix schedule to meet needs.

User-programmable VHF Radio Beacon Scheduler

  • Can extend beacon battery life.
  • Buys you more time to recover collar, or plan collar recovery.
  • Can be built using any freq. b/w 140-175 MHz.

Differential Correction

  • Improve the accuracy of GPS locations to within 5 metres of actual.
  • Allows you to do micro-habitat work.
  • Allows you to determine animal travel corridors, movement patterns, etc.

  Data Storage Capacity of over 40,000 locations

  • Gives peace of mind that there is more than enough memory capacity.

Field upload/download of data (almanac, schedules, data)

  • Allows user to communicate with the collar in the field.
  • Doesn't need to be returned to Lotek for data collection.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Privacy of data.

Wide operational temperature range

  • Allows you to use it in any climate, and climate changes.

Wide data retention temperature range

  • Protects your data in any temperature variation.

Adjustable belt

  • Allows you to tailor collar to specific animal while maintaining the integrity of the GPS antenna orientation.
  • Orientation of antenna allows you to therefore get the highest degree of acquired fixes.
  • Allows you to use the collar on different animals during the study.

Non-protruding antenna

  • Protects the antenna from damage, i.e. catching in branches, animal chewing, etc.
  • Reduces collar impact on behavior because antenna is hidden.
  • Should not have to refurbish antenna.

Hermetically sealed/Waterproof (up to 1 atm. water)

  • Water proof down to depth of 10 meters (33 feet), therefore for animals that swim or spend time in water, there is no concern about water penetration.

Sturdy Housing

  • Made of high strength material (GE engineered resin)
    • High impact resistance
    • High tensile strength
    • Temperature resistant (high or low)

Compact Download Unit

  • Has its own rechargeable battery source, therefore can always download data even if other (GPS) batteries are dead or disconnected.
  • Can be used on site because no external power sources necessary.
  • Compact in size, therefore easy to transport to / from site.