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Drop-off Mechanism for Lotek collars

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Timer and Radio Release Mechanisms for all Lotek Collars

Lotek's drop-off mechanism allows you to recover your animal tracking collar without the complexity and expense of recapturing the animal. It can be added to any GPS or VHF collar, old or new.

Features and benefits of the drop-off mechanism:

  • eliminates animal recapturing expenses
  • eliminates danger of undue trauma to animal during capture process
  • choice of 2 drop-off mechanisms: release by radio or timer
  • full control of location of drop-off with radio release option
  • units equipped with radio are also equipped with timer as a backup
  • units can be released on command up to 24 months from moment of deployment
  • unit with timer release option may be set for release up to 24 months later
  • either send existing collars to Lotek to be retrofitted, or do it yourself

The drop-off mechanism fits any medium or large GPS or VHF collar.

  TRD TRD-L TRRD Mini Drop-off
Weight (g)
(without attachment hardware)
30 121 50
Dimensions (mm) (LxWxH)
32 x 30 x 22
66 x 41 x 25 54 x 33 x 19
Expected life (months)
36 24
Time Resolution
1 week increments*
Time Programming
at Lotek only**
Operating Temperature Range
-30˚C to +50˚C
Operating Distance N/A approx. 500m in the line of sight N/A
Tensile strength (kg)
30 400 150

* Activation by relative time function (not absolute time) is initiated when a magnet is removed from the mechanism.
** Once a time is programmed into the mechanism at Lotek, it cannot be changed unless the electronics are replaced.

GPS Drop-off Mechanism product sheet (PDF)