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Biotrack Avian Beeper Tags

Highly customised, reliable tags for all types of birds and bats.

Our Pip.19 g tag, the smallest commercially available radio-tag, is so small it can be used on insects. We can customise for your species and project, so please tell us about it.

Activity/Posture, Mortality and Temperature Sensing are available with some transmitters.



Backpacks & Glue Mounts






For more information on avian beeper tags, appropriate for a wide variety of species from warblers to eagles, please contact our sister company Biotrack (  More information on these tags can also be found at

Please note that the Pip.19 in its lightest form (only 0.20 g) has a 5cm antenna with waterproof varnish coating and is activated via cutting a wire. Magnet activation, longer antenna & stronger coating available (may increase weight).

Other tags come with magnet activation as standard whilst harness tubes, antenna length and material can all be discussed to make the best for your project.