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BioMap for GPS - Database Management Software for Wildlife

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BioMap for GPS is a Windows based solution for processing and managing data from radio telemetry studies of animal behaviour and/or ecology.

BioMap for GPS offers exclusive data management tools, enabling the user to:

  • query the database at different levels of sophistication
  • organize information concerning animals and environment
  • arrange logged data collected by the collar
  • interface to third party utilities such as GIS and others computational packages
  • efficiently operate the database over a network (researchers in separate facilities can share a common database)
  • maintain security through multi-level password controlled access
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  • presentation of animal position data in different coordination systems (UTM, Geographical Coordinate System, Lat/Long/Height)
  • import function for generated data files
  • export function for document generation
  • data exchange with third party spacial analysis/visualization software tools
  • data can be classified, filtered, hierarchically ordered
  • graphically present and/or animate data

Completely transparent to the user
The BioMap for GPS data processing engine converts the binary files collected from GPS collars into a customized database using the Microsoft SQL database management tool.

Users familiar with SQL may write their own scripts using a ‘command line’ interface.

Full BioMap GPS product sheet (PDF)