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Beeper Sensor Transmitters for birds and bats

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Temperature sensing just got smaller!

Our beeper sensor transmitters for birds and bats are capable of detecting activity, mortality or behaviour, in tags as small as 0.36g.

Temperature changes the pulse rate, and therefore the lifespan depends on the individual’s behaviour.

  • Tailored attachments
  • Customised for ambient or body temperature sensing

Tags can also be customised for shape, as all of our tags are made to order.

Tag weight Cell Expected lifespan (days)
    Fast Standard Slow
0.36g Ag337 6 8 12
0.46g Ag317 9 13 20
0.51g Ag379 12 16 26
0.70g Ag376 21 29 45
1.20g Ag392 32 44 69

Expected lifespans are based on fast: 70ppm; standard: 50ppm; and slow: 30ppm, all with 20ms pulse length.
Please note, the pulse rates vary continuously but these pulse rates are used to show variation.

Tag weight varies with antenna length, protection and attachments.