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Monitor all your birds and bats simultaneously with 0.29g coded radio tags

Lotek is pleased to introduce Avian NanoTags, the smallest coded transmitters available to bird researchers today.

Employing Lotek’s unique coded transmitter technology, these tags allow you to track and uniquely identify hundreds of birds on a single frequency.

The NanoTag’s field-proven, energy efficient design delivers a highly stable signal, while its diminutive size and long operational life allow ornithologists to collect data on smaller bird species, over longer periods of time, than ever before.

Avian NanoTag-series transmitters are designed for use with Lotek digitally encoded systems.  Based upon a proprietary coding scheme, our coded telemetry systems allow hundreds of transmitters to be assigned on a single frequency, while retaining the ability to identify individual animals. This capability reduces the need for additional frequencies typical of conventional pulsed/ beeper systems.  This results in an overall reduction in scan cycle time and corresponding improvement in the probability of detecting tagged animals.

Burst rate/intervals selected for the NanoTag transmitter can be specified in 0.1 second increments to best meet application and operational life needs.  Specifying a daily activity cycle for the transmitter further extends operational life in mobile tracking studies.

Small size & weight
Allows smaller species to be tagged and monitored.

Coded signals
Hundreds of animals can be assigned to a single frequency.
Retains ability to identify individuals.
Increased probability of detecting individuals.
Designed for use with Lotek digitally encoded receivers, such as the SRX 800.

Infrared activation and deactivation
Eliminates need for magnet removal or attachment during field sessions.

Long life
Track birds with sub-gram tags for weeks or months.

A variety of options available to extend operational life with on/off cycles.

Flexible antenna
New high strength flexible antenna does not kink.


Avian NanoTag-series transmitters are ideally suited for studies involving passerines, bats, water birds and other species that require small, long-life transmitters and the ability to detect multiple individuals occupying the same spatial area.

Studies Benefitting from Coded NanoTags:

Colony Nesting Studies
With all transmitters being monitored simultaneously, all parental feeding visits will be automatically logged regardless of feeding brevity.

Flyway Studies
Coded transmitters enable all birds or bats flying past an area to be automatically logged. Conventional beeper tag systems can’t do this with larger numbers of individuals due to the necessity of scanning through many frequencies.

Frequency Congestion
If available frequencies are in short supply in your study area, coded tags solve the problem with only one frequency needed for all individuals.

Flight Searches
With traditional beeper tags, only a limited number of individuals can be searched for, due to the time involved in scanning through multiple frequencies. Coded tags eliminate this restriction by allowing hundreds of individuals to be searched for simultaneously.

Migration Stopover Ecology
Keep track of every bird or bat at a migration stopover for every minute the individual is present. This type of research can now be done on a scale that simply wasn’t possible before.

Model NTQB-1 NTQB-2 NTQB-3-2 NTQB-4-2 NTQB-6-1 NTQB-6-2
Weight (g)*   0.29 0.35 0.67 1.0 1.5 2.6
Dimensions (mm) Length 11 11 12 12 14 23
  Width 5 5 6 8 9 9
  Height 3 4 5 8 7 7

* Stated weight may vary by ±5% for standard packaging. Custom attachment and packaging for certain species will increase specific size and weight. Contact Lotek for details.


Calculated Operational Life (days)

Tag Model

Burst Interval (examples)


2 sec. 5 sec. 10 sec. 10 sec. w/ 12 hr. on/off programming
NTQB-1 10 21 33 45
NTQB-2 16 33 52 71
NTQB-3-2 39 80 124 170
NTQB-4-2 79 163 251 344
NTQB-6-1 113 232 357 489
NTQB-6-2 215 441 678 928

Transmitter weight reflects that of complete device ready for field deployment.  Intended for operation within temperature range of 0 to 35°C.

Notes on Operational Life
The burst rates and corresponding operational life specified for the transmitters are provided for comparative purposes.  Various burst rates are available, based upon application specific considerations and operational life requirements.  Typical operational life values are stated, based on component specifications and transmitter measurements, with warranty life expressed as 80% of the typical value effective from date of shipment.