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ALPS (Asynchronous Logger Positioning System)

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Asynchronous Logger Positioning System

ALPS positioning software is used in conjunction with Lotek WHS 3050 submersible dataloggers (SDL). ALPS is designed to allow data files from independent SDLs to be processed to estimate 2D source locations of signals detected by a minimum of three SDL units. 3D positioning is supported with the use of depth sensing transmitters.

The SDL receivers are initially clock-synchronized by the user on deployment (using the SDL host software). Retrieved data is processed by the ALPS program which takes on the job of tracking differential clock drift between the receivers as a post-processing operation. As with all 2D or 3D acoustic based positioning systems, uncertainty in the exact locations of hydrophones or within the time base will translate to a reduction in precision of the position estimates. The ALPS system compensates for any drift encountered within the time base and SYNAPS can assist in the hydrophone survey.

  • No hydrophone cable requirement means lower deployment and maintenance costs and ultimately, higher system reliability.
  • No surface buoy requirement translates to lower equipment and deployment costs, higher reliability and reduction in losses from theft, damage from debris or vandalism.
  • Precise positioning in areas where cables are impractical means that new research can be conducted in areas of fine scale habitat utilization, species interaction, and behavior around barriers or effluent plumes.