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PinPoint Argos

PinPoint Argos tags are the world’s smallest certified GPS Argos tag (from just 3.5g). GPS locations are automatically relayed by Argos satellites, from anywhere in the world, ready to be downloaded online.

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Sirtrack Argos tracking systems

Sirtrack, a Lotek company, also manufactures and supplies Argos systems for birds that allow you to access your data without having to retrieve the tracking device from the field.

KiwiSat 303: The Sirtrack KiwiSat 303 Argos transmitter is a development of the KiwiSat 202 adding more flexible scheduling. The transmitter is highly efficient to maximise battery life whilst providing superior location quality.

Avian KiwiSat 303s are extremely compact and lightweight. The solid-cast construction is designed and tested to withstand anything a bird can throw at it, including the harsh marine environment. The KiwiSat 303 avian transmitter is available in models weighing from as light as 20g (TBC) and is particularly suitable for diving seabirds.

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