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Geolocators are archival tags capable of measuring and storing data on light levels, and using that data to calculate the subject’s latitude and longitude using a process known as light-based geolocation.

LAT 2000 Series


For collection and storage of precision time stamped depth, temperature and light-based geolocation data. Features include wet start function, sequential logs, and 25-year memory retention.

PSAT Series

Compact reliable instruments for the collection, storage & retrieval of depth, temperature and light based geolocation, PSAT tags detach themselves at a preprogrammed time, float to the surface and transmit collected data via Argos.
LAT 2000 Series

LAT 2000 Series

The LAT 2000 Series of geolocators (light-based tags) are capable of collecting and storing over 2 years’ temperature, pressure and light data. The 2000 Series includes the smallest geolocation tags available for fish.

LAT Viewer Studio

LAT Viewer Studio is a Windows based solution for importing, processing and managing data from Lotek Archival tags.
LAT 2000 Series

LAT 2000 w/ Extended memory

These LAT 2000 tags have 128 Mbytes of memory, allowing for an unprecedented amount of precision-time-stamped depth, temperature and light-based geolocation data to be collected and stored.

Template Fit

Improving light-based geolocation studies. For further understanding, see also this article on Template Fit.