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Geolocators are archival tags capable of measuring and storing data on light levels, and using that data to calculate the subject’s latitude and longitude using a process known as light-based geolocation.

LAT 2000 Series

M-Series loggers from British Antarctic Survey

Biotrack, a Lotek company, can now manufacture and supply geolocators designed and field tested by British Antarctic Survey. To see the range of available tags, please go to the Bird Tracker Website, or contact Biotrack for the latest information.
LAT 2000 Series

LAT 2000 Series

The LAT 2000 Series of geolocators (light-based tags) are capable of collecting and storing over 2 years’ temperature, pressure and light data. The 2000 Series includes the smallest geolocation tags available for birds.

LAT Viewer Studio

LAT Viewer Studio is a Windows based solution for importing, processing and managing data from Lotek Archival tags.

Template Fit

Improving light-based geolocation studies. For further understanding, see also this article on Template Fit.