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For collection and storage of precision time stamped
depth, temperature and light-based geolocation data.
  • Timing of migration/movement studies.
  • Behaviour identification and characterization
    studies; feeding, spawning, migration.
  • Endangered species critical habitat utilization studies, vertical, horizontal temperature preferences.
  • Fisheries management stock structure studies.
  • Validation of stock assessment model studies.
  • Ocean observing studies.


  • Wet start function automatically enables logging when the tag is immersed.
  • Sequential logs support different sensor combinations and sampling rates.
  • Light geolocation post-processing using Lotek’s advanced template-fit algorithm built into the LAT Viewer Studio software.
  • Memory contents retained for 25 years ensuring data retention even if the tag is recovered years after the battery is exhausted.


Model Dimensions
(tubular form factor)
Weight in air
Weight in water
Sampling Interval
Estimated Life
ARCGEO-9TS 9mm x 38mm 5.1 2.3 20 12 *
ARCGEO-13TS 13mm x 57mm 12 7.25 30 48 **

The estimated life is based on a single deployment at the stated sampling interval.
If you plan to deploy for multiple short deployments and/or sample at shorter intervals, please contact your telemetry specialist.
* Warranty 6 months
** Warranty 24 months

Memory: 32 Mbytes
Number of sequential logs: 8
Sample rate setting: 1 sec. increments
Light, Internal & External Temperature, Depth
Light sensor stalk: Yes
Wet/dry sensor: Yes
Operating range: -20 to 45° C
Calibrated range: -5 to 35° C
Temperature resolution: 0.05° C or better
Temperature accuracy: Better than 0.3° C
Depth Sensor Options: 50m, 100m, 200m, 500m, 1000m, 2000m
Depth resolution: 0.05% of full scale
Depth accuracy: +1.0% of full scale
Software tools:
ARC Tag Talk host
LAT Viewer Studio post-processing and visualization