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We offer a versatile range of acoustic receivers suitable for most fish and wildlife monitoring challenges. The MAP 600 acoustic receiver and telemetry system combine advanced spread spectrum signal processing with CDMA coding to achieve superior range and tracking in high noise environments. And our wired and wireless hydrophone systems offer a range of solutions for the detection, relaying and data logging of acoustic signals.

MAP 600 acoustic receiver

MAP 600 RT-A and Multiport

The MAP 600 acoustic receiver system is available in both Real-Time and MultiPort models.
LHP Series acoustic hydrophone

Line Hydrophone (LHP) Series

The LHP Series has the capacity for both manual tracking and data logging, and can be configured for either omni-directional or directional operation.
WHS 2000 acoustic receiver

WHS 2000 Series

The WHS 2000 is a small, highly sensitive light submersible data logger with the ability to sequentially scan through up to 15 user-selectable frequencies, including 69 kHz.
WHS 3000 acoustic receiver

WHS 3000 Series

The WHS 3000 acoustic receiver Series utilizes our revolutionary MAP 600 technology to provide unparalleled capability in an untethered acoustic tracking system.
WHS 3000 acoustic receiver

WHS 4000 Series

The WHS 4000 is an affordable, compact, highly sensitive, lightweight, submersible datalogging acoustic receiver that enables deployment in a wide range of fisheries applications.